Includes my short story

A Circle of the Red Scorpion Christmas


A tree lighting celebration in Port Angeles leads to the disappearance of Drake and Ebony’s young twins. The team suspects a paranormal being in a Santa Claus suit is the culprit. 


Will the Circle of the Red Scorpion find the twins before Christmas?

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Includes my short story 


The Demon and the Christmas Curse


Desiree Black, a soul-stealing demon from Hell, needed to find a pure human soul by Christmas but none existed in this realm. All hope was lost until she watched a Jane Austen movie marathon. She knew where she had to go.


When the Archangel Michael discovered a demon had pierced the veil into another realm, he assigned one of his warriors, Rayven Stone, to go to Regency England and into the world of Jane Austen to retrieve the demon. The one thing he never expected to do was to fall in love.

Includes my short story 


The Red Fox And the Great Horned Owl


An animal story with a paranormal twist.


The red fox waited for the great horned owl to appear  as she did everyday.


From her perch in a tree, a great horned owl watched a family of squirrels in a  hollowed out tree trunk below, waiting for her chance to  strike.


But two hunters wandered into the forest and changed everything.

Includes my short story 


A Different Kind of Christmas

What happens when a family of shapeshifters and a family of human spend Christmas together? 

Dex and Felicity are about to find out.

Includes my short story 


A Hawaiian Honeymoon Adventure

Shapeshifters Dex and Felicity’s honeymoon in Kauai takes them from a romantic riverboat cruise up the Wailua River to a flight of fancy they would never forget.

Includes my short story 


An Unexpected Holiday Surprise

For Dex and Felicity, the true meaning of Christmas unfolds in an unexpected way.


Includes my short story 


Secret Admirer

A bet with a Circle of the Red Scorpion team member leads Moses Thorne to a special Valentine's Day date he would never forget.

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